Humbly beginning in the 1980’s with a solitary small garage for eight cars and a vision to create a new parking service experience for customers and property owners, MTP (More Than Parking) has now transformed and flourished into a premier parking provider spanning the New York boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.
Today, MTP has firmly established itself as a respected figure in the parking industry, by creating a solid foundation on which to grow the company, instilled with our core values; an unsurpassed quality of service, creating a customer-centric environment and honest reputation. This mindset combined with a relentless determination to create an innovative approach to parking led to high customer loyalty and MTP’s explosive growth.



Serving the New York community for over two decades we have gained a unique understanding of the needs and requirements of our residents and visitors alike by offering hourly, daily, monthly and long term vehicle storage parking solutions.

MTP has accumulated tremendous experience through serving institutions and organizations, which includes hospitals, universities, colleges, government buildings, co-op buildings, and any size new developments. MTP Executive Team and Staff have learned how to adapt our services to fit the demographic requirements and specifications/uniqueness of each institution. This includes fully understanding the institution’s sensitive needs and tailoring custom services and rates to the institution’s faculty and clients. The on-site MTP staff has experience in being flexible and handling all of our customers’ diverse issues properly and promptly. Our Executive Team has accumulated the expertise and extensive network to efficiently obtain necessary licenses and permits unlike any others in the industry. Additionally, we have developed creative and out-of-the-box methods to design our parking facilities in a manner that maximizes space and thus revenue for our property owners.
Providing parking services amid the hustle and bustle of the “city that never sleeps” we aim to make our garages as convenient, accessible and stress free as possible and as such we are situated in carefully selected locations that are near subway and other public transport links, shopping centers, colleges, business centers, and many of New York’s greatest tourist attractions. MTP is at the forefront of providing unsurpassed value and from the moment a customer enters one of our garages, they are met with a welcoming attendant, safe and secure environment and the most competitive rates in the city.
We look forward to welcoming you to one of our garages soon, so you can experience firsthand our unwavering pursuit to epitomize the parking experience, as even our name suggests, MTP, we really are “More Than Parking.”